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We track all the new projects signed up on
Please make sure you have filled out your project details and have your roadmap completed ASAP.

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Nathan Kay

Nathan Kay is the CEO of Mempool Ventures, a Senior Partner at Applicature Inc. He was previously the main acceleration and investor relations partner for dozens of companies. Nathan is a visionary and blockchain analyst with huge experience in building decentralized and crypto businesses globally. Thus far contributed to almost hundred blockchain companies with advisory, coaching and business development support.

Ian Arden

Ian Arden is Co-Founder of Mempool Ventures, Co-founder and CEO at Applicature, Head of Blockchain Security at Zokyo, Co-Founder at milestoneBased, Co-Founder of Supercolony Venture Studio, Venture Capitalist, contributed to a good hundred blockchain projects. Besides managing multiple companies, Ian coaches blockchain startups and helps strategize tokenization across various industries.

Andrew Zubko

Andrew is one of the most experienced blockchain and crypto technology developers & architects in the world today. Andrew has tremendous experience in designing architecture of scalable applications and implementing them into life,smart contracts development, blockchains architecture and development. As a co-founder and CTO of Applicature helped hundreds of companies to get up to speed with their technology implementation.

Linda Montgomery

Linda is a marketing leader, investor relations specialist, board member, writer and thought leader, and advisor to FinTech and blockchain companies. She has an extensive background leading the marketing and growth functions and teams to launch dozens of companies. She is currently CMO of blockchain development and acceleration firm, Applicature, and CMO of several portfolio companies.

Mike Salo

Finance advisor. Experienced finance professional. He is partner and former COO of the software development company Romexsoft. Senator of the Ukrainian Catholic University and member of the investment committee, managing university endowment. Assistant professor of finance at Lviv Business School. Member of Academic board of MSc in Technology management program.

Roxy Zakharuk

Roxy has extensive experience setting up operational frameworks and contributing to operational growth management of blockchain companies at various stages. She has held multiple operations, coordination, project management, advisor and sales roles for emerging companies. She is also COO blockchain development and acceleration firm, Applicature.


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