We Advise, Accelerate and Invest in
Blockchain Technologies at the Genesis Stage

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Welcome to Mempool Ventures

A Crypto VC and Services firm with deep experience funding and building companies in the blockchain space. We invest in breakthrough early-stage projects with outstanding acceleration potential.
We help Investors and Fund Managers new to the space make informed investment decisions. Our skilled team provides opportunity analysis and validation.


What founders can expect from us:
stage of investing
idea, prototype
smart, flexible, hard
working founders breakthrough
value add
hands on acceleration,
team augmentation,
token launch frameworks
& partners
blockchain, cryptography,
machine learning
decision making
informal, casual
investment size
$10K – $100K

Investment Services

Our due diligence support for investment professionals:
market opportunity,
business model
smart contracts
security audits, reviews
infrastructure, operations,
code, documentation
token economics
stress testing, valuation
blockchain community,
risk analysis

Projects we are currently Accelerating

Fully decentralized play-to-earn gaming, with highly interactive VR
and metaverse experience.
Inclusive on-chain gaming and metaverse platform for users and developers.

Investment Portfolio

Our Team

Our team is a passionate and seasoned group of  investors, analysts, operations specialists, marketers and connectors.
Nathan Kay

Nathan is an experienced blockchain professional with years of background leading relationship, investor and partner building functions for multiple global crypto companies. He has provided almost hundred blockchain companies with advisory, coaching and business development support. He is also a Senior Partner with Applicature.

Ian Arden
Co-Founder and GP

Ian Arden is an accomplished product developer and serial entrepreneur that’s been in the blockchain industry since 2010. He started Applicature in 2017 and Mempool Ventures in 2021. Ian coaches companies on strategy, tokenization, growth and funding across various industries. He is the founder of multiple companies, an investor that also runs his own family office, and a thought leader and speaker on various industry topics.

Andrew Zubko
Co-Founder and GP

Andrew has a long background as a tech innovator in the blockchain industry. He co-founded Applicature in 2017 and Mempool Ventures in 2021. He is an ideologist of many of Applicature’s products and portfolio companies and forms the agenda for technical innovation for the company. He advises clients on the most complex blockchain and cryptography solutions.

Linda Montgomery

Linda is a marketing leader, investor relations specialist, board member, writer and advisor to several global FinTech and blockchain companies. She has an extensive background leading marketing growth and teams to launch and build dozens of companies. She is CMO of several of Applicature’s portfolio companies.

Roxy Zakharuk

Roxy has extensive experience setting up operational frameworks and contributing to operational growth management of blockchain companies at various stages. She has held multiple operations, coordination, project management, advisor and sales roles for emerging companies. She is also COO blockchain development and acceleration firm, Applicature.

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