A VC Firm of
Web3 Entrepreneurs

Experience and a strong technical background are superpowers we leverage for our portfolio companies, fund allocators, and investor partners.

In Blockchain Since 2017

Mempool Ventures a US and UAE based VC Firm born to create and implement creative blockchain investment strategies using our unique strengths and hands-on approach.
We currently manage several global strategies and are working on specific geographical ecosystem development initiatives.
“Let’s be part of the revolution in the making”

Creative Strategies for Aligned Achievements

Crypto Winter Warriors – Special Investment Opportunities

Our main focus

Crypto Summer gave birth to plenty of great projects that need extra help to get to their moment of glory.
We provide capital, technology and network access to companies with launched products, initial communities, and are ready to scale.

Investment Criteria

Launched projects
Need bridge funding
Active community
Global focus

Early Stage Blockchain Fundamental Tech Investments

Backing the best genesis-stage blockchain companies is at the at the heart of what we do and our brand, imprinted in the name ‘mempool’.

Investment Criteria

Pre-launched projects
Global focus
Active community

Network Incubated Projects for

There’s a limited flow of early stage deals backed by stellar incubators and VCs; we bring access to these from our network of close partners.

Investment Criteria

Idea stage / Early stage
Global focus
Active community

Team of Blockchain Veterans

Accomplished blockchain developer, product strategist and serial entrepreneur since 2010. Founded, scaled and has funded multiple companies. Thought leader and speaker on various industry topics.
Extensive experience setting up operational frameworks and contributing to operational growth and partner management for blockchain companies at various stages. In blockchain since 2018.
Skilled marketing and fundraising specialist. An advisor to several global FinTech and blockchain companies since 2017. Extensive background leading growth teams to launch and scale dozens of companies.


For Fund Allocators

Our Technical Experience

We bring access to our larger team of developers, product specialists and skilled blockchain technologists. We roll up our sleeves to get to the core of both understanding and advising on the roll out of great products.

Smart Contracts Audits

Managing a project's security and minimizing risk is a strength we bring with our audit expertise.

Token Economics Design & Due Diligence

We’ve advised on hundreds of token economics models and token launches.

Technical Due Diligence

We dig into the tech and code to systematically understand the opportunity as well as the risk.

Building with the Teams

We pride ourselves in forming great partnerships and long-term relationships with founding teams.


Mempool Reload

March 8-12, 2022
Apply to attend this exclusive 5-day private event for 50 web3 representatives including FO and fund allocators and DeFi professionals. We will discuss Web3 investment strategies at an island retreat near Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Are you an Investor or a Top Crypto Startup?  Let's Talk

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